Thanks for joining us for Pinch & Paint at the Mission in Arts Studio! Pinch Pottery dates back some 17,000 years to China. A practice that started out as a necessity to create objects for food and water became the building blocks for creating ornate objects and artistic expression.

In our one day workshop, you’ll learn these same basic principles to create anything from a vessel to hold liquids or foods to creating a utilitarian object used for a purpose to releasing your inner artist and creating a beautiful ornate masterpiece!

What you should wear?

Clay in its most basic form is dirt. In this workshop you should expect to get a little dirty! Mainly on your hands, but you may accidentally get some on your clothing. Clay is washable and will not stain your clothing, so you can wear anything that is comfortable for you.

You will be using an underglaze paints to color your pieces, and underglaze at its most basic form is wet clay and a colorant. Most of these colors are totally safe to wash out of clothing, but it’s possible with some harsher colors to possibly stain white clothing. Therefor it is recommended to wear one of our provided aprons when working on your project!

When will I receive my finished work?

Clay goes through multiple forms before it is considered finished. First it’s wet/green, then leather hard (cold to the touch, still has moisture), following that it becomes bone dry. This process of drying can take about a week. At this stage it is put into the kiln for the first firing which is called Bisque. Once your piece is bisque fired the clay’s molecular bonds are changed forever and it is on its way to being complete! After bisque, your piece will undergo a clear coat of glaze. This is where we dip your bisque’d piece in a clear glaze, wait for it to dry, then fire it in the kiln again at a hire temperature. We call this glaze firing. That clear glaze melts and forms a glass like finish to your piece. Once your piece is glaze fired it is ready for pick-up!

This whole process takes about 3-weeks.

How will I know my piece is ready to pick up?

Once your piece goes through its transformation, we will reach out to you via email to let you know how to schedule your pick up! Please look out for this email.