Thank you for joining us at Mission in Arts! We’re excited for you to be part of our community.

Studio Care


  • Wheel heads and pans must be cleaned after each use using a damp sponge
  • Reattach wheel pans when cleaned.
  • Floor, wall, stools and foot pedals must be cleaned/mopped.
  • Wheels are to be turned OFF after each use.
  • Batts must be cleaned and placed in the drying rack. 
    • Batts should not be used for project storage!

Workbench & Tools

  • Workbench surfaces must be fully and thoroughly cleaned after each use with a damp sponge.
  • Floor around workbench areas must be cleaned/mopped of any scraps, wet clay or glaze drips.

Community Tools

  • Clean, then dry with towel and return to tool storage. Please do not leave tools in drying rack!
  • All boards must be wiped down and returned to storage if not being used for your current work. 
  • Clean hump molds & banding wheels & return to storage when complete. 
    • Hump molds & banding wheels are not to be used for project storage.


  • Rinse bisqueware under faucet:
  • This will remove dust from and help the glaze adhere to the bisqueware
  • Thoroughly mix glaze for at least 1 MINUTE:
  • Improperly mixing will result in an imbalance in the glaze chemistry (aka it’ll look bad).
  • Glaze your piece by dipping bisqueware into bucket
  • Leave a minimum of ¼ inch unglazed around the base of your piece. 
  • Clean glaze spills, splashes, or drips
  • Wipe down the outside of the bucket and floor
  • Close glaze lids tightly to prevent evaporation
  • Only open one glaze bucket at a time to prevent accidental cross-contamination.
  • Layering glazes:
    • Thoroughly clean tools/brushes between glazes
    • Make sure first layer is DRY before dipping again

Kiln Schedule & Prep