MiA Gallery

The MiA Gallery is the cornerstone of Mission in Arts. Our intimate exhibition space was created to increase the visibility of artists in Philadelphia and beyond. Our main focus is solo exhibitions, giving the artist the opportunity to design their experience, but we will occasionally curate group shows and host collaborations. 

MiA Studio

The MiA Studio is our multi-purpose creative space. Here workshops and classes are taught by local artists. The studio is equipped with all the tools needed to expand your creative process including drawing and painting materials, printmaking and screen printing equipment, sewing machines and photography backdrops. Find out what classes are coming up at the MiA Studio!

MiA Clay Studio

The Mission in Arts Clay Studio is a dedicated community ceramic studio built for and supported by our members. Our goal was to create an intimate space that allows for creative expression to flow. The studio’s private patio space is where hand building workshops are held along with gatherings for Mission in Arts.