Interactions traces a year of studying material, self, and environment, and seeks to increase understanding of the processes of change and the role of one’s hand in facilitating transformation. The work is comprised of materials that scaffold an understanding of the body in space and in relation to others. A study of inner and outer interactions through physical matter, attempting to gain greater understanding of complexity through distillation of experience to basic building blocks of connection.

Focusing on learning by doing, using shapes and material to trace that process, the objects arise through a silent dialogue between self and material, self and environment, conscious and unconscious. 

With each action, change occurs. These forms sketch the dynamic interconnected process of making and attempt to create a bridge between material and viewer, a chance for participation in the external material’s evolution. 

About the Artist

Originally from Oakland, California, Mika Taga has been living and working in Philadelphia for two years. Mika has broadened her practice to include experimenting in our clay studio as Mission in Art’s Resident Artist. She has been working out of NextFab as well, honing her wood carving skills. Recently her practice has developed into mixed media, blending wood, clay, wire and sewing, which she has always done to mend her clothing; it has now taken on a sculptural quality. Mika sees her practice continuing to change and evolve as she does. She considers her work to be perpetually in progress, and her practice in its infancy, tracing her learning process. Because of this, she is open minded and curious to see how new environments will shift the materials and processes she explores, hoping to expand to larger scaled works, and continuing with her use of natural materials.

All pieces available for purchase.

Mika Taga

Mission in Arts
1720 N 5th Street, G3
Philadephia, PA 19122

Hours: Thursday–Saturday 4–7 or by appointment.
Schedule: June 1st, 2024 – July 13th
Opening Reception:
June 1st, 6pm-9pm

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