About the Artist

Caff Adeus is a self-taught painter, mixed-media artist, and photographer currently focused on creating paintings from an autobiographical point of view that defies norms, stereotypes, and monolithic rhetoric by using a blend of cultural references and iconography.

About the Show

James Baldwin said “The place in which I fit will not exist until I make it.” Fried Bologna, Caff Adeus’ first solo exhibition, creates that space where he comfortably expresses himself in an autobiographic odyssey of internal musings and real-life encounters, irreverently articulated onto canvas. In this on-going collection of fever dreams turned paintings, the artist employs household brands and products intended to tell his story and his perspective of the Black American condition. Adeus puts forth colorful depictions featuring bright characters and ubiquitous insignia, mixed with provocative takes, and a satirical diatribe to confront how Blackness is portrayed and understood; past and present. In this exhibition and in all context, the artist opposes “what was” or “what should be”, and unapologetically proclaims “what is”. Here the artist presents his life through recognizable brands to communicate his sometimes unrecognizable brand of Blackness.

Caff Adeus

Mission in Arts
1720 N 5th Street, G3
Philadephia, PA 19122

Hours: Thursday–Saturday 2–7 or by appointment.
Schedule: January 6th, 2024 – February 17th
Opening Reception:
January 6th, 6pm-9pm


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