About the Artist

Lily Brown, a Philadelphia-based artist, holds a BFA from Tyler School of Art and her MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Her art revolves around the human figure, focusing on intricate details like blood flow in knuckles, noses, and knees, as well as exploring the connection and collisions of limbs. Brown’s creative process involves using found source material, personal photography, memories, and life observations. She is drawn to subtle expressions in hand gestures and fleeting glances, often infusing her own narratives into the work, emphasizing empathy by connecting with her subjects through personal experiences. Her figures represent both close relationships in her life and strangers, forming emotional bonds through curiosity and projection. Crafting emotional bridges that may not always be shared, but echo the resonance experienced during their making.

In the gaze of the viewer, a subtle element of voyeurism weaves its way into Brown’s work. There is a sense of being an unseen observer; her exploration of empathy becomes not only an artistic endeavor but an act of voyeuristic intimacy.

About the Show

Creature comforts is an intimate, sometimes voyeuristic peek into the spaces we hold as humans. Our ability to shrink and expand within them illuminates how our environment and relationships begin to mirror back to us our internal landscapes. Fear of intimacy with ourselves and others can leave our worlds feeling claustrophobic, mysterious, and comfortably isolated. Creature Comforts is an exploration of expansion and isolation.

Lily Brown

Mission in Arts
1720 N 5th Street, G3
Philadephia, PA 19122

Hours: Thursday–Saturday 4–7 or by appointment.
Schedule: March 2nd – April 6th, 2024
Opening Reception:
March 2nd, 6pm-9pm


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