Our mission is simple; art!

We believe art has the intrinsic ability to enrich lives. That’s why in the summer of 2022 we opened Mission in Arts with the goal of making art more accessible and to support the art community through our gallery space, educational programming, community events, and our member clay studio.

The MiA Gallery

The MiA Gallery is the cornerstone of Mission in Arts. Our intimate exhibition space was created to increase the visibility of artists in Philadelphia and beyond. Our main focus is solo exhibitions, giving the artist the freedom to present their work in a way that reflects their personal narrative and represents their unique voice and vision.

The MiA Studio

The MiA Studio is our fully equipped multi-purpose creative space where workshops and classes are taught by local artists. Our classes are open to all; from beginners looking to immerse themselves in self-expression, working artists seeking a sense of community, and everyone in between.

The MiA Clay Studio

The Mission in Arts Clay Studio is a dedicated community ceramic studio built for and supported by our members. Our goal was to create an intimate space that allows for creative expression to flow while working independently, on their schedules. The studio’s private patio space is where hand building workshops are held along with gatherings for Mission in Arts.